A Game of Retribution Review

A Game of Retribution Review

A Game of Retribution by Scarlett St. Clair

Sorry folks but this one just didn't do it for me. I'd been fancying a reread of these Hades and Persephone books for awhile but decided to hold off until this newest one was released. As I was reading A Game of Fate I remembered that I didn't really like that one either, so if you enjoyed that you may well like this too.

Hades' storyline in this book was actually more interesting than the first I thought, there's a bit more intrigue and action. But the 'romance' felt a bit shoved in for me. Perhaps because we'd already read all the tension and the steaminess from Persephone's perspective in her books? It almost felt like the sex scenes were just slotted in to break up the main storyline and remind us how it paired up with
Persephone's books. Not only was I not really feeling them, there were so SO many. It felt like even the author got a bit bored or writing them - "they had sex
again, and again and then she gave him yet another blowie." (I'm paraphrasing obviously).

I also started to really dislike Hades in this book, which is definitely not what we want. I get that he's a grumpy, protective alpha-hole but he didn't communicate with Persephone AT ALL (except about sex) and kept making decisions for her based on what he thought was best for her.

Anyway, I'm sad I didn't like this more but maybe you will. If you've read it I'd love to know your thoughts.

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