Book Lovers Review

Book Lovers Review

Book Lovers was one of my most anticipated romance reads of the summer, after seeing all the reviews on Instagram, and it did not disappoint. Emily Henry’s writing style was on a different level than most of the other romance books I’ve read this year. It was more sophisticated and literary (if that makes sense), without being stuffy. 

Nora, the MFC, is a literary agent, and Charlie, the MMC, is an editor so there were loads of wonderful literary references, particularly to all those familiar romance tropes. Despite that the story wasn’t overly predictable or cliche. There was also some really funny ‘banter’ between Nora and Charlie.

My only quip (and it’s incredibly minor) is the UK cover. There isn’t any ‘boating’ in the story so I have no idea what that’s about, and it skewed my expectations a bit. I wish we’d got the same cover as the US. Still, this doesn’t lessen the story in any way.

100% would recommend!

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: Small-Town Romance | Rivals to Lovers | Literary References

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