Crescent City: House of Sky and Breath Review

Crescent City: House of Sky and Breath Review

Crescent City: House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas


Bryce and Hunt are back and trying to live a quiet, ordinary life after the horrifying events that occurred in Crescent City back in the spring. It seems like a quiet life is far from on the cards for them though. Between Bryce’s new found position with the Fae, the city welcoming a new Governor and Tharion investigating a missing person that could well have them becoming entangled with rebel fighters it seems like Bryce and Hunt are destined to find themselves in the midst of another mystery.

Nikki says:

I definitely preferred this book to the first Crescent City book. I liked the broader mix of character POV that we were offered this time around. We got to learn more about Tharion and Rhunn, as well as some of the other ‘side’ characters from the first book and I liked that we got to stick with that original bunch and developed them a little further. 

I also felt like the mystery was more intriguing in this book. The search for a missing person, the conflict with the rebels and the Imperials, and a bit of espionage too made this story much more exciting for me. It was also my first venture into tabbing whilst I read so I thoroughly enjoyed playing detective and marking all the possible clues and important character development. 

Having said that, there’s something that just doesn’t click for me with these books. I’ve never been that excited about Hunt and was holding out for a ‘Tamlin-esque’ situation here so maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I’ve just not connected with any of the characters enough. Or maybe it’s the lack of bat boys. Who knows.

The book was also very long, too long actually. To the point that it became a bit of a chore to read. I will probably read the next one, I need to see how it all ends, but I'm not particularly excited about the direction it's going in. I’m just sad that it doesn’t excite me the way I wanted it too.

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Emma says:

I would have DNF’d this but felt like I had to finish it because of the Insta-peer-pressure. I really wanted to love it but I was hugely disappointed.   Firstly this book was far too long. I regret buying the hardback as it was so big it was uncomfortable to hold.  I could have easily remedied this by ripping out the chapters that were full of useless over-complicated information dumping, fluff and unconvincing smut leaving me with about 100 pages of essential plot. 

In summary, the Scooby Gang and The Little Mermaid sat around at Bryce’s apartment for most of the book playing Star Wars... I mean rebels vs imperials. Considering they’re all highly trained “law” enforcers and investigators you think they would be good at a finding people and solving mysteries but you would be very wrong. I felt no particular attachment to any of the characters so any big moments for them fell flat. I have so many issues with this book so if you want to vent with me let me know. 

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Genre: Adult Fantasy

Book 2 (incomplete series)

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