For The Wolf Review

For The Wolf Review

For The Wolf is the first book in the Wilderwood duology by Hannah Witten. It’s a kind of Red Riding Hood/Beauty and the Beast retelling. Witten’s ideas are original and engaging and I loved all the connections with nature in the Wilderwood.

The Wilderwood is a magical forest on the border of the Kingdom, a forest tasked with imprisoning terrible creatures from the Shadowlands. In exchange for its protection, every second daughter born to the royal family must be sacrificed to the forest, and the Wolf who lives within. Red is one of those second daughters, but when she enters the wood, expecting to be consumed by the forest and its Wolf all is not as she expected.

This book was my first ‘proper’ fantasy read after a summer of romance. I don’t know if that was why but I did find that my brain tripped over some of the writing sometimes. I think it was just that my brain couldn’t always compute what was happening or picture the visuals that were being described. 

Five emojis that describe this book: 🌳 🐺 ♥️ 🌨 🏰

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Duology (complete)

Genre: Fantasy

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