Fourth Wing Review

Fourth Wing Review

Yes, we are both weak. We both crumbled under the Bookstagram pressure and raced out to grab a copy of this book as soon as we saw it taking off. And we’re so glad we did.

There were so many excellent characters in this, right from the off. I got far too attached to far too many of them considering their survival rate is so small at the military academy the story takes place in. The main character, Violet (or Violence), is really relatable. She’s bookish, having grown up to training to be a Scribe like her father. She’s also never the strongest or fastest, instead she finds ways to outsmart her opponents. In fact she struggles physically, often feels like her body is against her, but she perseveres and is incredibly, mentally strong.

The narrative itself wasn’t anything entirely new, we had the school setting of Zodiac Academy, and the complex world building of something like Throne of Glass and all the delicious, enemies-to-lovers tension of ACOMAF. But whilst it uses lots of familiar ingredients it doesn’t read like an imitation. Instead it was taking all our favourite elements and creating something fresh and exciting. With dragons. Mother fudging dragons.

We couldn’t write a review of Fourth Wing without mentioning Xaden - another beautiful MMC, as played by Henry  Cavill in our minds. Xaden is a big ol’ cinnamon roll on the inside, but on the outside he’s deliciously brooding, and dangerous, and tortured. He’s fast become on of our favourite book boyfriends.

We know it’s everywhere right now, and horribly hyped, but this book was a really, really good read so we’d definitely recommend it if you’ve not delved in already.

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Genre: Fantasy

Enemies to Lovers | Forbidden Love | Found Family | Slow Burn | Dragons | School Setting

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