Icebreaker Review

Icebreaker Review

There’s going to be some unpopular opinions in here, just to warn you!

I was really looking forward to reading this one; I was just in the mood for some smutty rom-com vibes and, at least at first, this book hit the mark. Although she’s not my favourite character ever, Anastasia was at least determined and somewhat confident. Nate, captain of the hockey team, was an absolute sweetheart, a proper cinnamon roll, and had me from the off. 

The basic premise is that the figure skaters and hockey players are forced to share a rink, much to everyone’s dismay. They both have competitions to train for and some rivals to lovers style shenanigans ensue. Further complications arise along the way, mostly instigated by the red flag ridden Aaron - Anastasia’s skating partner. The book is nearly 450 pages long, at least 100 pages longer than any romance book needs to be, and could almost definitely have been condensed, though it doesn’t really drag either.

As the story progressed there were a few little things that didn’t sit right with me. Things like how Nate seemed to become an entirely different character during the seggsy scenes - hearing a ‘good girl’ from a 21 year old, sweetheart just doesn’t work. (Mum - don’t read this next bit 🙈) I also definitely did not need to read about Anastasia gagging on Nate’s enormous D more than once! Anastasia’s relationship with Aaron also didn’t feel right, beyond the actual red-flaggy stuff. She was so confident elsewhere in her life, but with him she was a complete walkover. 

I was able to overlook all these minor niggles though, and was rating the book at around 3.75 stars… until the epilogue, when the author basically just decided to set fire to everything she’d previously written, and also hit us with one off the most loathed tropes ever written. I don’t like to give spoilers in these reviews so I won’t say anymore here - feel free to DM me if you want to know more - but I will say, if you’ve enjoyed this book even a little, for the love of god, do not read the epilogue!

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cinnamon Roll MMC | Sports Romance | Insta-Love | He Falls First

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