The Bromance Book Club Review

The Bromance Book Club Review

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams

I’ve had this book on my shelf for a while now but have been saving my ‘romance reads’ for the summer holidays as they generally require less brain power than fantasy and are much more my speed whilst the kids are home. I absolutely loved it though, so much so that I read it twice in one week and immediately ordered the rest of the series to take away with my on our family holiday.

This first book in the series is about Gavin’s attempts to save his marriage with the help of his best friends and their secret book club, where they all read romance books to learn to be better husbands and better men in general. The book was funny, sweet and even thought provoking - it definitely had me thinking about my own marriage.

I read somewhere recently that our brains can’t tell the difference between when we're falling in love for real life, or falling for fictional characters and I fell for Gavin, hard. Not the in the usual way you might fall for a tall, dark, brooding, morally grey fictional man, but it a genuine ‘marriage material’ way. He was just the sweetest and my heart is going all gooey just thinking about him now.

If I loved it so much why haven’t I given it five stars, I hear you cry. Honestly the only reason is that I didn’t really like Gavin’s wife, Thea. I thought she was petulant, stubborn and too demanding. She was all too happy to blame Gavin for all their problems and not recognise her own faults. And actually, I just saw too much of myself in her! But, obviously there’s lots of character growth for every one in the book so she does get better.

I’ve actually read the rest of the books in this series now but this one remains my favourite. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it but am unwilling to share Gavin with anyone. Sorry.

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Book 1 of 6

Genre: Adult Romance

Tropes: Second Chance Romance

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