The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels Review

The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels Review

This was a such a surprising read!  A witty rom-com that had me snorting in my tea and I now really want to buy a pistol. 

The Victorian ladies of the Wisteria Society may have impeccable manners and perfectly coiffed hair, but they are also notorious pirates who have been terrorising England with gunfire and brimstone from the comfort of their flying mansions (yes, you read that right), all without spilling a drop of tea. 

Cecilia our young heroine has been raised in the ways of scandalous piracy by her overbearing aunt, Miss Darlington, and has long been hoping to attract an assassination attempt to boost her status in the society. Enter Ned our charming assassin paid to kill our dear Cecilia, if he can ever stop swooning over her. 

When the ladies of the society are captured it’s up to Cecilia to save them. Her dark past is revealed and help comes from unusual places. 

Never underestimate a woman especially one who can kill you with a teaspoon.

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